Carne Ross is a former British diplomat who resigned in 2004 after giving then-secret evidence to a British inquiry into the war.

After he quit, he founded the world’s first non-profit diplomatic advisory group, Independent Diplomat, which advises marginalized countries and groups around the world. (More about Independent Diplomat at:

Carne writes and appears regularly in the media, commenting on world affairs and  alternate systems of organising our affairs, in particular anarchism.  The film, Accidental Anarchist, is loosely-based on Carne’s latest book, “The Leaderless Revolution: how ordinary people will take power and change politics in the 21st century” (Penguin Books, 2012).  His TED talk provides a bit more context for his story.

Ultimately, Carne’s experience from inside government dealing with some of the most difficult of contemporary challenges – climate, terrorism, Iraq, Afghanistan – convinced him that government, as currently constituted, is a poor and failing mechanism to deal with the world’s problems.  We need to look for alternatives, not least action by us, ourselves.