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About Festival

The greatest meeting place for writers of unique stories and viewers seeking innovative ideas. Theatrical and nonfiction features, independent films, miniseries, and serial material are all part of their annual lineup. They also offer panel talks, daily filmmaker chats, and other events.

Film Spotlight

Award Nominations

  • BAFTA Scotland Award
  • F:ACT Award

BAFTA stands for the British Academy Film Awards. They are an annual award show that honors the best British and international contributions to film.

The F:ACT award is to recognize journalistic films for outstanding cinematography.


  • Carne Ross - Self
  • Hussein Azam - Self
  • Pelai Pagès i Blanch - Self
  • Murray Bookchin - Self
  • Noam Chomsky - Self
  • Nazira Gourie - Self
  • Elizabeth Pozo Guerrero - Self

Film Reviews of Accidental Anarchist

Susan R.

Prime Videos

Extremely educational about past, present grassroots movements & what the "powers that be" know and care absolutely nothing about. Turned me on to present political advocates for a positive future for mankind.

It is also very personal (nicely self-aware, too) and very political, as you’d expect.

Gary M.


I watched this last night on BBC4. I'd encourage anyone to give up just an hour of their time and watch this thought provoking documentary.

This was an interesting documentary that captivated my attention for the entire time. I would recommend that you watch it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn about some of the most common questions asked in regards to the sundance film festival.

You may purchase tickets online by visiting the official website's ticket purchase page.

You may purchase a single film ticket for as low as $20.00, however, other film packages are available for your convenience.

There are many cities where the event takes place. For up-to-date information please check their official website. The event has taken place n Salt Lake city, Park City, and more in the past.

To provide perspective, around 4,000 submissions are sent for feature films each year, but only 120 make it into the event.